ultrafast rectifier Diode



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ultrafast rectifier Diode


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 Two fully independent diodes
 Fully insulated package
 Ultrafast ,soft reverse recovery,with high
operation junction temperature (150℃ Tj )
 Lo forward voltage drop
 Optimized for power conversion:welding
and industrial SMPS applications
 Easy to use and parallel
 Industry standard outline
 Designed and qualified for industrial level
The CK1U/CK2U60-12 insulated modules integrate
two state of the art ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the
compact, industry standard SOT-227 package. The
diodes structure, and its life time control, provide an
ultrasoft recovery current shape, together with the
best overall performance, ruggedness and reliability
These devices are thus intended for high frequency applications in which the switching energy is designed not to
be predominant portion of the total energy, such as in th output rectification stage of welding machines, SMPS,
DC/DC converters. Their extremely optimized stored charge and low recovery current reduce both over dissipation
in the switching elements (and snubbers) and EMI/RFI.